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CCT is a Forum in which Christian churches in the Chippenham area work together, offering mutual support, worship and prayer.

We exist to promote contact and fellowship between the churches, while recognising that each seeks to worship the risen Christ in its own distinct way, and to provide a united platform to address christian concerns in society.

Our objectives are 
to encourage churches to meet together and communicate with each other 
to ensure the people and officials of Chippenham are fully informed about the size and significance of the christian voice in Chippenham 
to represent those views frequently by letter, through the media and whatever other means of communication are appropriate 
to speak on behalf of the churches of Chippenham on all matters of Christian concern.

How we work
The following statement differs from the existing understanding of CCT's role. Acceptance will be proposed at the 2008 AGM on 2nd October.

All affiliated churches are expected to send delegates to the regular Forum, which meets three times a year. Here, decisions are made concerning the work of CCT, news is shared about the life of individual churches, and talks are given about areas of christian concern. Delegates are asked to give feedback to their churches. A small executive committee is charged with carrying out the wishes of the Forum and taking any action deemed necessary to promote the objectives in accordance with the wishes of the affiliated churches. News and information is available on this web site. Plans are being explored to resurrect a regular paper newsheet to complement the web site for the sake of many people who are still not ready to deal with electronic means of communication.

we witness to the importance of Easter by processing up the High Street every Good Friday 
we spend time during Lent, learning and discussing a wide range of topics 
we share Christmas services during the Nativity season 
we support local christian organisations and committees in their work of meeting the needs of the world, eg Christian Aid and the local Open Doorway Project 
churches support each other in their special projects of witness

The first 60 years - a review

We are a member of Wiltshire Churches Together

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